About me...

Jim King

Business Development Manager with extensive international experience.

Lived and professionally worked as an ex-pat in England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Serbia, Spain and USA.  Fluent in English, German, Dutch, working-knowledge French.

Global contacts at all relevant levels, specifically B2B segments with processed meat manufacturers, food-ingredients / -additives, feed-Ingredients for young animal nutrition. Networker, bottom-line oriented.

Experience in Commodity Trading, Manufacturing, Reorganisation, Interim- and Project Management. Has held Sales, Market-Development, and Management positions with: Continental Grain, GIG (deuka), Archer Daniels Midland, A.E. Staley Manfg, Central Soya Co., Protein Technologies International, DuPont Protein Technologies, Solae, Shemen Industries, SojaProtein A. D. - a VictoriaGroup business, and Bunge;
respectively Project Assignments with: Cargill, Loryma, DSM, Profood, Sodrugestvo, Gushen Bio Tech, Renaissance Partners, FinnProtein Oy, C. Hahne Mühlenwerke, VictoriaGroup and Sojaprotein A.D., Frauenhofer Institute Freising

Lectures: Frankfurt Fleisch Forum, DIL Quakenbrück, Techn. University Berlin, University of Applied Sciences Fulda, FIE London, Soy & Health Conference Gent; various industrial seminars Europe East and West, Asia and Africa.

Former member of Euvepro (European Vegetable Protein Association, Brussels/B) und CEPE (Committée Eetbaar Plantaardig Eiwit, The Hague/NL)
Former member of RABC (Rotterdam American Business Club), and Director/Member of the Board at FinnProtein Oy, Uusikaupunki, Fi.